What to look for in a floor plan

Finding the right home can be challenging, even if you've been through the home buying process before. When looking at new homes, it's important to remember that a good floor plan in a home makes life more enjoyable, and adds value to the home should you need to sell in the future. Some things to be looking for:

  • A well designed kitchen space, with adequate counter space, outlets, and room for appliances.
  • Flexible rooms that can be used for different purposes. One person's second guest room is another's office or home gym.
  • A good bedroom to bathroom ratio, which can make all the difference. Typically two bathrooms for every 3 bedrooms will be sufficient.
  • Light switches and outlets that have good placement throughout rooms.

The St Romain Team and BCB Construction LLC can help you determine what features of a home are most important to you. Having a clear picture of your dream home will help you sort out the homes that just don't fit. Please call us with any questions you may have.

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