Published on 07/09/18 by Yvona Ward

We've all seen that picturesque, small-town community depicted in so many movies, where homes and local shops are nestled side-by-side, neighbors enjoy friendly chats with one another as they walk about town, and all who visit enjoy the town's warm, relaxed atmosphere. Some of us may even fondly recall a time when we could be part of such a place. Sadly, in the year 2018, these communities must remain nothing more than a happy memory, right? Well, maybe not!

In the past decade, a movement has emerged among architects, developers, and community planners to construct replicas of these classic, American towns, which they call Traditional Neighborhood Developments, or TND's. These TND's are intended to provide their residents with almost everything they need to live, work, and enjoy themselves, all in one place. Here we see pedestrian-friendly designs and commingling of small businesses into residential areas combined with ample green space for parks and even community vegetable gardens.
Some of you may already be familiar with one of these developments, the community of Seaside, Florida, located less than an hour past Destin. Seaside is one of the more recent examples of this TND movement in action and has been featured on the show Emiril's Florida, named the Best Beach on Earth for Families by Travel + Leisure Magazine, and was even the primary location for the filming of The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey. With these achievements under their belts, some of the creative minds behind Seaside are bringing their talents right here to Baton Rouge!

A subdivision named Pointe-Marie is being rapidly constructed right across River Road from the L'Auberge Casino by a team that includes several of the individuals responsible for the community - and the success - of Seaside, Florida. Pointe-Marie will showcase many of the most-desirable features that have defined other TND's while including some unique Baton Rouge culture we all know and love. Pointe-Marie will even have properties reserved for use as luxury RV pads so that LSU alumni can tailgate and support their beloved team while spending the weekend in style!

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the TND concept, wants to check out the community that may very well become Baton Rouge's latest "claim to fame", is interested in becoming a part of this rebirth of classic Americana, or just enjoys food trucks and live music, Pointe-Marie will be putting itself on display between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM this Friday and Saturday (July 13th & 14th). Both days will include tours of the community,  village center, and homes, as well as cooking demonstrations, live entertainment, and many other great activities. On Friday night, from 4:00 to 7:00 PM, enjoy live music performed by David St. Romain, and on Saturday check out a variety of food trucks open to the public as well as a relay race along the levee to celebrate Varsity Sport's 18th birthday. The countdowns below will make sure you don't miss the festivities!



And if you think you might like to be one of the first members of the Pointe-Marie community, here are a couple properties that are available right now:



Property Bin