Published on 07/11/18 by Yvona Ward

Homes of the Future Header It appears the future of home construction may have arrived as the new market of 3D-printed homes has come to life in France! A recent article from CNET announced that on June 29th, a family in France moved into their very own 3D-printed home. The 1022 square foot four bedroom house took less than three days to print but, required another 4 months for builders to construct its doors, windows, and roof. Experts estimate that the price tag of $207,000 would actually have been 20 percent higher had the house been built the old-fashioned way. The team behind this project's success is already gearing up to move forward with plans to print 18 homes in Paris as well as a 7500 square-foot commercial building.

Check out the article for more information and to see a video of the printing process!

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