Published on 10/31/18 by Yvona Ward

Here we are again at that spooky time of year where monsters, ghosts, witches and other ghoulish things come out to play. That's right, it's Halloween, a night where the things that would normally frighten us instead become fuel for costumes, fun, and festivities. For many, however, these frights are very real and they don't only appear on Halloween. So, in the spirit of the holiday, I thought I'd share some haunted facts about real ghosts.

In 2012, a survey conducted by YouGov for the Huffington Post found that 45% of respondents believed in ghosts (23% said that they were "not sure") and that 28% believed that they had personally seen or been in the presence of a ghost. With this many believers, it's no wonder that the question, "is my house haunted?", frequently appears in online question/answer sites and is the theme of multiple show on TV. In order to get information on how hauntings can influence the decisions of homebuyers, did some research and came up with pretty interesting results. According to surveys conducted by, 2 out of every 5 people claim to have lived in a haunted home and of those people, 44% knew that the home was haunted before moving in! But, how did those people know that their home was haunted? Well, asked that same question. The most common response, at 54% of those who had lived in a haunted house, was that they "heard strange noises", followed by "strange feelings in their home" (45%) and that their "pets acted strangely" (34%). I guess my home, and the home of anyone else who has a cat, must be haunted!

Although 49% of those surveyed were adamant that nothing could make them purchase a haunted home, 15% said a cheaper price could convince them and 9% said they would do it for a larger kitchen or better neighborhood. Between men and women, three times as many men said they would knowingly move into a haunted home. The survey also turned the scenario around and asked respondents if they would tell potential buyers when selling their haunted home. If you're looking to avoid ending up like the family in The Amityville Horror then you may be in luck. 34% of the people surveyed said that if they were selling a haunted home they would tell potential buyers everything and 27% said they would reveal everything but only if asked. On the other hand, 22% said that they would not say anything if they were selling a haunted home!

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