The St Romain Team prides ourselves on knowing the communities we serve from the inside-­out and educating our buyers and sellers with the current sales/trends in those areas. Our Market Resources section is the best and most comprehensive set of local market statistics around ­this is just one more reason why we are your local real estate expert! National housing trends and conditions don’t give you the full story of exactly what’s going here in our market. Real estate is local ­ and the Metro New Orleans, Greater Baton Rouge and Mississippi Gulf Coast Region produces a range of statistics and data that is important to both prospective buyers and sellers. We always want our clients to be fully informed about our local market conditions in order to make informed decisions. Our collection of market resources is intended to provide you with many of the resources you will need in preparation for your home search or home sale. It’s equally important that we provide our current and potential customers with easy access to this trustworthy information. Browse the links below to find information on market statistics collected to provide an overview of the real estate trends and data specific to each community. Contact The St Romain Team if you need any additional market information or a personalized explanation of any of the statistics or data you viewed.

  • Local Market Trends 

    Our interactive user interface allows our customers to view comprehensive local real estate market trend reports.

  • Local Market Snapshot 

    How's the market looking? Get a brief overview of local real estate activity, including such data as sold homes, properties for sale, inventory counts, and days-on-market.

  • Local Market Update Videos 

    Explore the Monthly Residential Market Update Videos for the areas of your choice.

  • Home Update Videos 

    Our Home Update Videos go beyond the numbers of today's hottest real estate topics to keep you up-to-date on what matters most to you.

  • Louisiana Parish Tax Information 

    Understand the logic behind Louisiana property tax assessments in your local parish.

  • About Us 

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