Now that you listed your house for sale you will occasionally receive a call to schedule a showing to take place within the next few minutes.


Set the Tone with sound:  Turn off the television and put some light music soft rock or classical.

Lighting is important:   Weather it is day or night turn on every light in the house including lamps.  In the daytime only  open all drapes and blinds, this brings in natural lighting.

Smell check:  One of the most important things is the smell.  Here are a few quick and easy ways to create a great smell: Heat some frozen pastry slowly in the oven, or heat a pan of water on the stove and drop in a few drops of vanilla or potpourri.

Check the Kitchen:  Make sure all  countertops  clean and free of clutter.  Remove magnets from the refrigerator. Wipe counters and place dirty dishes in the dishwater.

Check the Bathrooms:  Wipe counters, empty the garbage,  and flush the toilets and close the lid.

Check the living room:  Hide magazines and newspapers, remove clutter, and wipe any tables.

Check the Bedrooms:  Straighten beds and hide clutter under bed, not in closets.

Check outside:   Curb appeal is very important.  Potential buyers form their opinion about the house before they get out of their car. Put away toys and clutter and clear all walkways.

PETS:  Send them outside or take them with you.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST LEAVE:  This can be the single most important thing you can do in a showing to help sell your home! Even if the showing agent insists that it is okay to stay, you must leave.  May times the seller unsells their house because the buyer still sees the sellers attached to the house.  The buyers need to get emotionally committed to your home to purchase it.  

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What's My Home Worth?

What's My Home Worth?

Asking too much for your property might ultimately be more costly than asking too little. Let us help you establish the right asking price.



We have 70 years of experience in selling homes that we'd like to share with you. Here’s how GARDNER can help make the process easier for you.

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